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The Eternal Trump
Kamen Rider Blade, Episode 49
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Air date January 23, 2005
Written by Sho Aikawa
Directed by Takao Nagaishi
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The Eternal Trump (永遠の切り札 Eien no Kirifuda?) is the forty-ninth and final episode of Kamen Rider Blade.


Kenzaki confronts Hajime in an all out battle with the human race's existence on the line. But can Blade manage to save the world on his own or does the Joker have a plan that will negate the Battle Fight's end game?


Kenzaki still fought the endless Darkroaches soldiers by assuming King Form until he was exhausted. Later on, when he woke up, he was questioned of had he decided and replied that he had. Kenzaki decided to meet Hajime inside a forest and both were fighting as Kamen Rider with their final form. As the battle went, both were proved to be equal in strength and strategy.

Finally, the battle ended with Hajime was the loser and reverted into Joker. Hajime pleaded to Kenzaki to seal him, but the latter replied that it was no longer needed as Kenzaki had achieved his true goal. After Kenzaki cancels his transformation, Hajime watched in horror that Kenzaki had turned into Undead, proven by his version of the Joker belt and the green Undead blood flowing from Kenzaki's wound.

Hajime asked why and being answered that Kenzaki was wishing for Hajime to live in peace with humans. As the effect, the Darkroaches soldiers were finally erased as being declared by the Monolith that, due of there was a new Undead, the Battle Fight will be continued. Kenzaki destroyed the stone, but it reappeared again. Being asked by Hajime about what would Kazuma do next, Kenzaki replied that he would fight his fate and will definitely win.

Hajime was surprised by the answer, however, Kenzaki decided that both of them were not allowed to meet each other again or they would be forced to fight by their own Undead's instinct. In the end, Mutsuki was seen with his girlfriend, Hajime lived happily as usual but still felt lonely without Kenzaki's presence. Later, when Hajime was walking around, he saw Kenzaki was greeting him.

But when Hajime was happy and approaching him, it turned out to be just an illusion. Finally, Hajime wondered what happened to Kenzaki. The series ends with engine sounds running and motorcycle tracks left across a deserted field, possibly Kenzaki.


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Kamen Rider Blade Volume 12

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 12 features episodes 45-49.[1]


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