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X-X-X-Rider is Born!!
Kamen Rider X, Episode 1
Air date February 16, 1974
Written by Shukei Nagasaka
Directed by Itaru Orita
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The Last Day of Destron
Run, Cruiser! X-Rider!!

X-X-X-Rider is Born!! (X・X・Xライダー誕生!! Ekkusu Ekkusu Ekkusu Raidā Tanjō!!?) is the first episode of Kamen Rider X.


The secret organization, G.O.D., plans to kill Dr. Keitaro Jin's son, Keisuke, for revenge against him but Keitaro turns him into the cyborg, X-Rider, and begins his battle with G.O.D.


G.O.D., an evil organization, sends its monster, Neptune, to capture Keisuke Jin, Dr. Keitaro Jin's son, because Dr. Jin has caused too much trouble for G.O.D. Keisuke manages to escape. Keisuke goes with his friend, Ryoko Mizuki, to find his father into his hiding place. Dr. Keitaro gives Keisuke a jacket which protects him from weapons.

Neptune attacks a ship in the sea and kills the people in there. In the morning, Dr. Keitaro covers their skeletons. Later, Keisuke and Ryoko arrive and Dr. Keitaro takes out a weapon and shouts at Keisuke. Keisuke didn't die. Dr. Keitaro explained that the reason to wear the jacket was to not be killed by G.O.D.'s weapons. At night, G.O.D. attacks the laboratory of Dr. Keitaro and kidnap him.

Keisuke fights with a G.O.D. soldier and it is revealed to be Ryoko! Ryoko escapes. The next morning, Keisuke finds his father collapsed to the sea. G.O.D. soldiers go there and kill Keisuke. Dr. Keitaro wakes up and takes his son to the laboratory and turns him into the cyborg, Kamen Rider X. After some time, he wakes up and goes to the secret base inside the sea, built by his father, Jin Station, and learns all his abilities and Keisuke learns that his father didn't last and died but his voice was alive.

Keisuke decides to avenge his father and save humanity from G.O.D. and transforms into X-Rider. He fights some soldiers and Neptune and kills him. During the battle, Keisuke was injured and after he finished off Neptune, a woman similar to Ryoko, Kiriko Mizuki, gave him a paper to cover his injury and the woman leaves. Keisuke leaves and heads home.



DVD releasesEdit

X DVD Vol 1

Kamen Rider X Volume 1

Kamen Rider X Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]


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